Maija Rhee Devine

Maija’s interview by Armando F. Sanchez, 11/21/2020

Description of the interview: Maija Rhee Devine loved literature and earned a Master’s in English. But she resisted for 25 years her husband’s encouragement to write about her life, a story that starts with her as an infant being given away by her biological family while they kept her twin brother. Once she began writing, The Voices of Heaven and her poetry book Long Walks on Short Days were published. She discusses the culture and history of South Korea that shaped her writing–the effects of patriarchy in all aspects of Korean life, gender and population imbalance issues, the impact of the Korean War, and the future of South and North Korea relations. She also talks about her works-in-progress on Comfort Women of WWII, all stories of the past keeping powerful rein on the present and future.

Posted on: November 28th, 2020 by Maija Rhee Devine

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